Meng Fei Innovative Future leader Scholarship at Curtin University Australia 2020

Curtin University in Australia is inviting applications for the Meng Fei Innovative Future leader Scholarship for the 2019/2020 academic session.

The Meng Fei Innovative Future Leader Scholarship is named after one of China’s greatest success stories, Meng Fei. The scholarship will aim to inspire students to follow in this leading entrepreneur’s footsteps and will be awarded to 4 students who have achieved exceptional academic results and exemplify leadership and innovative qualities.

Since its inception, they have taken an innovative approach to teach and research. However, their campuses are vibrant, welcoming spaces that value diversity and difference, emphasize industry connections and practical learning, have a strong commitment to social justice, and foster a forward-thinking culture for our students, staff and the wider community.

Worth of Award

  • This scholarship covers 100% of the tuition fees for the full duration of the mainstream course.
  • The Meng Fei Innovative Future Leader Scholarship Includes a $3,000 Curtin Housing Scholarship for Curtin on-campus accommodation.


To be considered eligible applicants must be;

  • International, full fee-paying, non-sponsored students
  • Students need to have obtained a course weighted average of at least 80% in the qualification they have provided to gain entry into their mainstream course
  • Students commencing studies at Curtin’s Western Australia campuses in 2020
  • Commencing a full Curtin undergraduate or master by coursework program
  • All undergraduate degrees available to international students
  • All postgraduate degrees (master by coursework only) available to international students.

How to Apply

  • To apply for the Meng Fei Innovative Future Leader Full Fee Scholarship applicants will need to complete the Meng Fei Innovative Future Leader application form along with the completed International Application for Admissions form.
  • The Curtin University Admissions Office will assess each application accordingly and will issue a supplementary letter of offer to confirm if the applicant has been successful.

To accept the scholarship, the recipient must:

  • Have a valid letter of offer from Curtin University commencing in 2020
  • Meet any conditions listed in their Letter of Offer
  • Have met or exceeded the higher academic cut-off specified by Curtin, specific to this scholarship.
  • Pay the indicative deposit and OSHC indicated in their Letter of Offer
  • Be aware of the dates and deadlines by which the above need to have been completed

Deadline: Application closes September 30, 2019.

Click here for more details and to apply


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